Additional RFID Wristband FAQ’s | 2014 Digital Dreams Music Festival Toronto

Intellitix FAQ

How to setup an account?

Go to www.digitaldreamsfest.ca/wristbands  and click “Register you cashless payment account here”.  This will lead you to the IntelliPay site. Next follow the on-screen instructions and fill in your information, or use the “Connect with Facebook” feature …that’s it!   Your account is created! You should receive a confirmation email shortly after.

 I do not have my wristband yet, can I create my account?

Unfortunately for security reasons you cannot. We suggest picking up your wristbands in advance on Thursday, June 26th or Friday, June 27th between 12-8pm. This allows you plenty of time to register your wristband and load it with money beforehand to allow quick, smooth entry into the festival on Saturday, June 28th and Sunday June 29th.

 What can I do with my Account?

Any number of things! You can top-up credit online, set your account to auto top up, follow up your account history, check your purchases, download online receipts, deactivate lost wristbands, apply for a refund and much more!

 How do I load credit onto my wristband?

When you load credit, you’re actually not loading anything onto a wristband; you’re adding credit to an account.  The wristband is merely the key to access the account.  Think of the account as a house, and the wristband acts as a ‘key’ to the house.  When you connect multiple wristbands to a single account, all you’re doing is creating multiple ways to access that account or giving multiple people a key to the house.

**To set up a different account, you are required to register as a new user, and then link a wristband to that account.

 What if I added multiple wristbands to the same account?

Now you’ve got two keys to access the same account.  Each wristband will be pulling funds from the same account.

I added multiple wristbands to the same account, but now I want to separate them so they each have their own individual account. How do I do this?

If two wristbands are linked to the same account the only way to remove one is to de-activate the wristband from the account page.  However, at this point the wristband that has been de-activated is disabled in the cashless system and you can no longer add money to it. This means the user can enter the event but cannot use that wristband for cashless purposes.  The user will have to visit a top-up/customer service station located at the Molson Amphitheatre box office, de-activate their old wristband, and exchange it for a new one.

 I’m trying to link my wristband to my existing account, but the login screen says that the wristband has already been assigned to an account / already registered.  What’s happening?

You can only link a wristband to an account if it has not been previously linked to another account. If you already topped up money or purchased an item using your wristband, it cannot be linked to another ‘new’ account.

How can you be sure a wristband is activated?

If you’ve created an account and you linked your wristband to that account, log in to your account and go to the “My Wristband” page.  On this page, you will see all your linked wristbands and their status.

If you have not linked your wristband to any account before you arrive at the event, visit a  ‘reader’ (wristband scanner), tap the wristband to the reader, and the reader will tell you its status!

I’ve lost my wristband!

( 1) Lost it and you have already registered the wristband

If you have your own account and your wristband is lost, no worries!  Login to your account, go to the ‘My Wristband’ page and deactivate your wristband!  This will immediately de-activate that wristband forever and nobody will be able to use it.  You can also de-activate any registered wristbands at Customer Service kiosks located throughout the event site.

But don’t worry; your money is on your account!  Go to a Customer Service kiosk, and you will be issued a new wristband. Link that wristband to your account and continue having a great time.

(2) Lost it without registering it

We suggest contacting Ticketmaster Customer Service and explaining the situation to them. The phone number is 1 855-985-4357

I received my wristband and it is broken/scratched/ripped/damaged. What do I do?

In the case of a damaged wristband please visit the Molson Amphitheatre box office on Thursday June 26th-Friday, June 27th (12pm-8pm) or Saturday, June 28th and Sunday, June 29th (12pm-10pm) to show them that it is damaged and they will exchange it for a new one.

 I put on my wristband and over tightened it and now I am forced to cut it off. What next?

(1)   If you have registered your wristband

First off login to your account, go to the ‘My Wristband’ page and deactivate your wristband.  This will immediately de-activate that wristband forever and nobody will be able to use it.

But don’t worry; your money is still on your account!  Go to a Customer Service kiosk, and you will be issued a new wristband..

(2)   If you have not registered your wristband

Simply bring your wristband to the Customer Service kiosk at the Molson Amphitheatre box office and show them the wristband and explain the situation. They will exchange the wristband for a new one. Following this simply register the new wristband and create and account at www.digitaldreamsfest.ca/wristbands

I have put money on my wrist band however I won’t be able to attend. How can I get a refund on the money I put on it?

You have to first deactivate the wrist band from your account. Then when the event is finished the money will be immediately be refunded to your credit card. It is as if you went to the festival and didn’t spend any money.

 What method of payment can I use?

You may load up a wristband using standard credit card only before the festival. However you can use a credit card, cash or debit card when putting money on it on site at the event.

 It’s still not fixed, can you please help me?

Please once again e-mail [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • Full registered name
  • Wristband number(s)
  • What action you are trying to take (topping up, registering, etc.)
  • Where the problem appears (e-mail, login screen, external payment site etc.)
  • What the exact error message is
  • Transaction number (if applicable)

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